Dermal Filler Injections

IN THAILANDMedical Tourism Dermal Filler Injections This procedure can be provided by "Dr.Poompat CLINIC" What/Why ? A less invasive method for facial contouring is utilizing dermal injections, such as fillers and in some cases botox. This is possible due to the physician individual’s technique for shaping the injected area that results in the patient’s desirable […]


IN THAILANDMedical Tourism Alarplasty This procedure can be provided by "Wansiri ", "Dr.Poompat Clinic" What/Why ? It is a surgical procedure in which a small amount of skin is removed from the wing of the nose, this results in a nose being smaller in appearance. This is most ideal for patients that no matter how […]

Closed Rhinoplasty

IN THAILANDMedical Tourism Closed Rhinoplasty This procedure can be provided by "DGB CLINIC", "WANSIRI HOSPITAL", "Dr.Poompat CLINIC" What/Why ? It is a variation of rhinoplasty surgery, this method is essentially any incision or reshaping being done within the nostril. This is best for when patients want minor adjustment or reshaping of the nasal tip. Closed […]

Buccal Fat Removal

IN THAILANDMedical Tourism Buccal Fat Removal This procedure can be provided by "Wansiri ", "Dr.Poompat Clinic" What/Why ? Buccal fat or more commonly known as the fat pad is located between the facial muscle beneath the cheekbones, this affects the size of the patient’s face. Patients that have larger buccal fat pads may appear to […]